The TRPR in the UK is an acronym used for ‘Tobacco and Related Products Regulations’ and the TPD relates to the EU 'Tobacco Products Directive', we are now in the final stages of transition which means that by the 20th of May 2017, all of the products we currently offer for sale are required to be compliant with the regulations.

The TRPR places restrictions on nicotine related products such as e-liquids and their containers and also on tanks which can contain e-liquid.

Currently Vapehit is supplying compliant and non-compliant products and this will continue until the 19th May 2017. Any registered non-compliant products will continue to be available until stock lasts as once the stock has depleted these items can no longer be produced or imported into the UK.

So what will be the main changes in the transition?

The main points are:

  • The maximum strength of Nicotine liquids will be limited to 2% (20mg/ml).
  • The maximum size of refill bottles containing Nicotine liquid will be 10ml.
  • The maximum capacity of any tank/clearomizer will be 2ml.

Those products which fall into the above criteria will have to be tested and notified with the MHRA in order to gain an EC ID number which will allow them to be sold. Products such as electronic cigarette batteries/mods and e-liquid containing 0% nicotine will not be affected by these regulations

We do hope that you find this information useful and that this clarifies why some of our e-liquids above 10ml or tanks above 2ml are rapidly decreasing in stock availability. Many customers are stocking up on larger tank models and e-liquid bottles over 10ml, so grab them while you can as once they are gone they will gone forever!

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